2 Tips To Keep Your Porcelain Crowns From Chipping As A Teen

If your tooth is severely damaged and you want to prevent any possibilities of a root canal, then you may need to get outfitted with a crown. A dental crown is the next step after getting a dental filling. Composite and porcelain crowns are more commonly used because they are more aesthetically pleasing. If you decide to settle on a porcelain crown as a teen, then it is important to practice proper dental care. Porcelain crowns are a little more fragile than composite crowns. This can results in small chips if you are not careful. Luckily, there are a few tips that you can keep chips at bay.

Use a Night Guard If You Are a Tooth Grinder

You may know by now if you are a tooth grinder. Teeth grinding can be identified by looking at the tips of your teeth and checking for any chips and cracks. If you see any, then you should speak to your dentist. If you know that you grind your teeth when you sleep, then wear a night guard guard is the best tool that you can use to protect your porcelain crowns from chips. Teeth grinding not only affects natural teeth but it will also result in long term damage to your dental restorations. A night guard acts as a buffer so that your teeth are not forced to work against a hard surface. Night guards are often sold in a variety of stores including convenience stores.

Always Wear a Mouthpiece When Playing Sports

A mouthpiece is similar to night guard except it is designed to protect against high impact. If you play a lot of sports or are on your school's sports team, then you may sustain a number of high impact hits. When you sustain these hits your entire absorbs this force. This includes your mouth and teeth. When you are hit hard, your teeth will most likely grind against each other. This is often what causes teeth to chip, crack, and even break off completely. A mouthpiece will absorb a large portion of this force and protect your crowns and natural teeth from buckling under the pressure. You can pick up a good high impact mouthpiece from your local sporting goods store.

As a teen, you want your porcelain crowns to last as long as possible. This will keep out bacteria and will reduce maintenance costs. Therefore, use these tips to help protect your crowns from chips. For more information, talk to a professional like West Gate Dental.