5 Tips For Recovering After A Wisdom Tooth Extraction

One of the things you may need to do at some point in life is have a wisdom tooth extracted. This is important for having the best dental health possible.  Removing this type of tooth will help keep your existing teeth in good shape and can prevent overcrowding. It's ideal to know specific tips that will allow you to fully recover after having this surgical procedure.

Tip #1: Plan ahead

It's important to have your appointment at a time where you can take off of work and allow for healing. Be sure to talk to your employer and then decide when you want to have this procedure.

Tip #2: Watch what you eat

It's critical to avoid eating foods that may be difficult to chew after you've had this surgery. Taking the time to stock up your home with soft foods, such as yogurt, pudding, soups and other things more accessible to consume is essential.

Eating foods that are less challenging to consume will allow your gums to heal correctly and at a much faster pace which can allow you to get back to your daily activities.

Tip #3: Use salt water

You will want to take the time to use salt water to after your surgery for faster healing.  It's a great idea to rinse your mouth out with salt water for a few days after this procedure.

Doing this will help reduce the chance of getting an infection and can be an efficient way to reduce your recovery time.

Tip #4: Take over-the-counter pain (OTC)medicine

You may experience some discomfort while after having your wisdom tooth extracted and choosing OTC pain medication to help alleviate your pain is essential. You're sure to have less of a challenge getting through this time when you aren't feeling as uncomfortable, and this medication can be helpful.

Tip #5: Avoid smoking

The last thing you will want to do is smoke after having a surgery of this type. Doing this could lead to additional issues that could increase your time for a full recovery. 

The key to getting better after having a wisdom tooth taken out will primarily rest on the things you do afterward. You will want to be sure to do the right things and avoid many of the wrong ones to help your gums begin to heal. Be sure to work closely with a dental professional in your area, such as at Family First Dentistry LLC, for more tips on recovering after this process.