Are Mini Dental Implants Right For You?

Dental implants are the most commonly used replacement product for missing teeth, and you might be interested in finding out if a dental implant is right for you. If so, there is a chance that you might be a good candidate for a mini dental implant. Here are several characteristics of mini dental implants, and the differences between mini implants and traditional implants:

Mini Implants Have Just One Piece

One of the key differences between traditional implants and mini implants is the number of components they use. For a traditional implant, dentists use two separate pieces to hold an artificial tooth in place. A mini implant requires just one piece.

A mini implant is a smaller type of implant that is made in one solid piece. A dentist still places this piece into the jawbone and then connects the tooth to it. With a traditional implant, a dentist first places an implant in the jawbone and then connects a post to it. Because a mini implant has fewer parts, you can get one faster than if you chose a traditional implant.

Mini Implants Are Designed for Certain Situations

A second thing to know about mini implants is that they are designed for certain situations. Because they are mini, it means they are smaller than traditional implants, and this characteristic makes mini implants ideal for people with small teeth or for replacing a tooth that is relatively small.

Mini Implants Have a Shorter Recovery Period

Another difference between mini implants and traditional implants is the recovery time needed after the procedure. A traditional implant procedure is generally more invasive than the procedure used for a mini implant. Because of this, the recovery time is shorter with a mini implant. This means that you will be able to eat foods faster and have fewer food restrictions to follow.

Mini Implants Cost Less

The other key difference to understand about mini implants versus traditional implants is the cost. The average cost of a mini implant is around half the cost of a traditional implant. Because of this, many people prefer choosing mini implants over traditional ones, simply because they work the same way but they cost a lot less.

If you are currently dealing with a gap in your mouth because a tooth fell out or was removed, you should consider looking into dental implants to find out if you qualify for a mini implant. For more information, contact dental practices like Carolina Forest Family Dentistry.