Pros And Cons Of Dental Teeth Whitening

Getting your teeth whitened comes with several pros and cons; here is a list of things to consider in your debate.

Pro: Better Smile

Teeth whitening can be a great investment simply because it makes you feel better about your smile. If you have been struggling with tooth discoloration for years, then professional whitening is worth the money.

Con: Not Covered By Insurance

That said, you will probably have a hard time getting this treatment covered by your insurance policy. That means that you may need to look for funding in your own savings, through a healthcare credit card, or with a health savings account.

Pro: Works Better than Non-Professional Treatments

Dental office teeth whitening works better than many other forms of whitening. You might find any number of gels and strips available over the counter. But the concentration of whitening chemicals in these solutions is much weaker than what you will find at the dentist. So, if you are serious about investing in whiter teeth, heading straight to the dentist is a good idea.

Con: Doesn't Always Work

You should still consult your doctor beforehand about whether you are a good candidate for this procedure. In some cases, teeth whitening doesn't work on your stains. It really depends on what is causing the stains. Have your dentist look at the color and spread of teeth stains so that they can give you a professional opinion on whether this treatment would help you.

Pro: Short Treatments Lead to Great Results

The amount of time that you will invest in a dental teeth whitening treatment is pretty small. When you go in for teeth whitening, the dentist will need to make a tray that is custom fit to the shape of your mouth. They will fill it with a strong hydrogen peroxide solution. Teeth whitening solution should sit on your teeth for about 30 minutes. Depending on when your last dental teeth cleaning was, your dentist may suggest that you actually have that done right before the whitening to ensure the best contact with your teeth possible. Overall, the appointment should take no more than an hour, or two if you decide to get teeth cleaning. And you will walk out with immediate results.

In conclusion, while there are some things to be aware of before you look into options for teeth whitening in your area, it is an excellent choice for many patients.