Have Oral Cancer And Tooth Loss? Dentures Could Be The Answer

If you've recently found out that you have oral cancer and you worry that you should aggressively remove the tissue around your teeth and throughout the mouth, there are some ways that you can do this and still resume your diet and drinking habits. If you are worried about losing several teeth and tissues because of the cancer, you want to talk with a dentist, like Michele A Bibeau DDS, about being aggressive with the removal and getting dentures. Dentures will provide the following benefits for your case.

Hide Gum Damage and Tooth Loss

The dentures will be adhered and go over the gum tissue in the mouth, so they will hide the tooth loss and damaged gums. You will have a straight, healthy and white smile when you put in the dentures, and you won't have to worry about what people think because they can't see that you've had any work done on your mouth. This can help improve your self-esteem and confidence after you've had the cancer removed and treated.

Allow You to Resume Diet and Drinking Habits

With a full set of teeth, it will be easier to resume eating and drinking like you did before you needed to have your mouth treated for the cancer. As long as the dentures are adhered properly, many people are able to resume eating habits exactly like they did before they had their mouth worked on, or sometimes they can eat more things because their mouth is no longer sensitive.

Be Low Maintenance

The dentures are very easy for you to maintain after you have them fitted and customized. At night they will come out of the mouth and soak in a cleaner. You are expected to brush the dentures, and you'll want to care for your gums as directed by your dental professional after you take the dentures out. In the morning after they have soaked, they go back in the mouth with adhesive.

If you have realized you're going to lose a lot of teeth and a lot of the gum tissue in your mouth because you have some oral cancer, talk with your dental health professional about removing all of the teeth to prevent further problems and then having dentures made to replace the teeth. This may be the easiest, most cost efficient, and most effective way to get the cancer out of your mouth and to replace the teeth that you need to eat and socialize.