Are Straight and White Teeth Popular Everywhere?

It's classically said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but when it comes to teeth, you might think otherwise. After all, straight and white teeth indicate health and well-being. However, it could surprise you to learn that one region doesn't find white and straight teeth to be the ideal. Read on to learn what country it is and how you can make your smile look perfect according to your own ideals.

Why Are White and Straight Teeth Popular?

In the United States and many other global locations, white and straight teeth are considered to be the ideal. This is thought to be because straight and white teeth indicate that a person is young and healthy.

As one grows older, the enamel covering their teeth often becomes thinner, revealing the layers of dentin underneath. Dentin is naturally brown or yellow in color, so teeth of this shade are often considered unwanted by young people.

In addition, teeth are more likely to become crooked with age. The wear and tear of daily life can gradually cause teeth to become worn down and crooked.

In short, most people in the western world want teeth that maintain the vibrant appearance of youth and health.

What's Ideal in Japan

Japan, on the other hand, doesn't mind crooked teeth. In fact, many young people covet crooked teeth so much that they purposefully seek out cosmetic surgery to alter their teeth.

In Japan, crooked teeth and accentuated canine teeth are considered to be adorable. Women enjoy having their teeth altered to look this way, and men find women with crooked teeth attractive.

Although it's completely different from the ideal in the United States, it's still based in the same ideal - crooked teeth are considered to be associated with youth in Japan. So in short, the Japanese are still seeking to look as young as possible with their imperfect smiles.

How to Easily Achieve Your Perfect Smile

Whether you're looking for a trendy Japanese crooked smile or something more classically western, a cosmetic dentist can help you achieve it. Thankfully, spending years waiting for braces to give you the results you want isn't necessary. Veneers can be used to quickly provide the appearance of a straight or crooked smile, depending upon your wishes.

Whether you want to keep up with the latest trends or you want to stick to the old standards, cosmetic dentistry can help you change your smile quickly and effectively.