Reasons Take Care Of Your Dental Implants

Dental implants are a viable restoration for individuals who have missing teeth or individuals who will need to have their teeth extracted. There are numerous reasons why implants are ideal. Many people do not like the idea of wearing dentures or bridges. They long for a more permanent solution. Dental implants are considered a semi-permanent solution because it is possible to damage implants or have implant failure if implants are not taken care of. The following points are relevant so that you will know how to properly care for your new implants.


Today's dental implants are typically made from durable materials. However, there are materials that are prone to damage. One way to reduce damages is to watch what you eat and discuss what materials are available. For example, acrylic and other similar materials may damage more easily with stress such as teeth grinding. It is possible for a dentist to order a mouthguard to be worn at bedtime. Metal implants may be a better option if you enjoy eating hard foods and have a condition such as bruxism.

Shifting of Surrounding Teeth

It is possible for your surrounding teeth to place strain on your implants. This can cause the implanted teeth as well as the natural teeth to change positions. This can happen if you have missing teeth in another area of your mouth that have not been replaced. Some individuals opt to only replace missing teeth that are located at the front of their mouths. Missing back teeth can also cause problems due to pressure that is needed to chew food and the absence of replacement teeth. A dentist can discuss some alternate options for your restoration to keep the restorations in place. For example, a bridge could be placed on back teeth and an implant placed in the front.

Discolored Appearance

This likely will not happen with high-grade implant materials. However, other materials that are weaker may become discolored. Sometimes the implants may appear discolored, but the issue may lie with the adjacent teeth. Natural teeth can become discolored due to foods and drinks that are consumed such as strawberries and coffee. If your implants match when implanted, it is ideal to discuss teeth whitening with your dentist.

The pros of dental implants typically outweigh the cons for most individuals. It is ideal to practice good dental hygiene. Treat your new implants with the same care that you treat your natural teeth. This means proper brushing, flossing, and keeping your routine dental appointments.