Are Same Day Implants A Good Solution, Or Should You Wait?

If you find a dentist that offers same day implants as well as regular implants, you may be jumping at the opportunity to get your teeth put in place on the same day. For some patients, this can be a great solution, but for others, it just doesn't work. Here are some of the factors that affect when you can and can't use same day implants as a solution for missing teeth.

Get a Dental Evaluation

There are several different factors that affect whether you can use same day implants in place of regular dental implants. For one, your dentist should look at your gums. If you have any kind of gum disease, your mouth will need all the time it can get to properly heal and ward off infections that could prevent dental implants from stabilizing successfully. Some patients with gum disease are not good candidates for dental implants at all.

Another factor is bone density. Patients with low bone density might be able to get bone grafts to have regular dental implants put in place, but same day implants are not a good idea for these patients.

Finally, have your dentist look at your teeth's construction to determine whether there will be a lot of pressure on your implants. For example, if you have an overbite or underbite, there can be abnormal weight put on certain teeth. If that's where your implants are slated to go, you will want to opt for the longer dental implants procedure, since same day implants need all the help they can get in healing.

Think About Your Diet

If you want to make sure that your same day implants are a success, you will need to commit to a different diet than usual. Soft foods are your friend at this time, since chewing too hard on some food items could dislodge an implant that is still healing.

In the end, same day implants do carry a few more caveats than regular dental implants, but they also have their benefits. It's nice to be able to shorten the procedure to get dental implants put in place, and same day implants can be more affordable. Just make sure that your dentist, someone from a place like Smile City, agrees that you are a great candidate for these implants. And when in doubt, default back to getting implants put in the old fashioned way, where you can count on a higher success rate.