Choosing Between Dentures And Dental Implants

If you are trying to find the best option to replace your missing teeth, you may be having trouble deciding between dentures and dental implants. The option that is best for you will depend on your unique dental needs and preferences. Here are three factors to consider so you can make an informed decision when choosing between dentures and dental implants.

Permanent or Removable

One of the first questions you will need to answer is how important it is to you that your dental prosthetic is permanent. Many dental patients get much greater satisfaction out of dental implants because they never have to be removed for cleaning. Instead, you will brush your implant crowns just like you brush your natural teeth. You will also avoid the discomfort that can occur as the shape of your dentures changes slightly over time.

Number of Missing Teeth

In most cases, it makes more sense to choose dentures if you are missing several adjacent teeth. This is because traditional implants replace only a single tooth, while dentures can be shaped to fill a gap in your teeth of any size comfortably. Installing multiple implants will also be much more expensive than a single set of dentures that could replace every tooth.

If you are determined to find a permanent replacement for several missing teeth, you may want to consider implant-supported bridges. Implant-supported bridges consist of a row of prosthetic teeth suspended from implants on one or both sides of the bridge. While this solution is more expensive than dentures, you will never have to worry about removing your dental bridge to clean it, and you will likely suffer from less jawbone resorption as a result of your missing teeth.


For many people, the most important consideration when it comes to tooth replacement is how the prosthetic will look. While dentures have come a long way in replicating the appearance of natural teeth, the plastic that they are made from still cannot match the luster of real enamel.

The crowns used on your dental implants will be made of porcelain or ceramic. In addition to matching the appearance of your natural teeth almost perfectly, these materials are much more stain resistant than the plastic used in dentures—and even dental enamel. Dental implants are always the best choice if you want the most authentic-looking replacement possible.

Keep the pros and cons of dentures and dental implants in mind and talk to a dentist at a clinic like Plymouth Valley Dental Group so you can find a tooth replacement option that you will be happy with for years to come.