FAQ About A Painful Dental Abscess

A painful tooth is something that can interfere with the ability to function properly at work, and it can even interfere with sleep at night. When the pain stems from a cavity, waiting for an appointment with a dentist is usually OK. However, if the cavity is severe and an abscess has formed on your gums, you should contact a dentist on an emergency basis. If an abscess isn't promptly treated, it can cause problems in various areas of your body that can be life-threatening. This article provides important details about having a dental abscess and getting it treated.

Why Is a Dental Abscess an Emergency?

A dental abscess is considered an emergency because it is caused by an infection that can spread and cause serious health problems. There is toxic pus inside of an abscess that your body can react negatively to and cause you to develop sepsis. You don't want sepsis because it is an infection of the blood that can have a fatal outcome. If you see a lump on your gums that is causing pain, it is wise to seek emergency dental treatment. Keep in mind that you can also have an abscess that isn't visible on the gums, such as one that is located between tooth root and the inner area of the gums.

How Can a Dental Abscess Be Treated?

There are a few methods for treating a dental abscess, but the most common one used by dentists is to perform a root canal. A root canal involves the removal of diseased tissue, nerves, and other things that are contained in the pulp chamber of a tooth. The procedure also involves the dental abscess being drained so the infection can begin to heal. You will also have to take antibiotics to get rid of the infection. One of the other methods for getting rid of an abscess is for a dentist to make an incision in the lump to drain out the pus.

Can a Dental Abscess Be Prevented?

If you want to prevent another dental abscess from developing, you must do everything to prevent an infection. Simply keep your teeth brushed, such as after every meal to keep food off of them. It is also a good idea to use a mouthwash product that can kill germs. Flossing your teeth to remove food from the small cracks is another thing that you should get into the habit of doing.

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