Learning About Routine Dental Care

Dental Implants Options For Different Circumstances

Dental implant treatment is one of the best ways to replace missing or damaged teeth. The standard dental implant comprises a false tooth root that goes into the jawbone, an abutment that connects to the root, and a false tooth that crowns the abutment. However, the standard implant might not be suitable for some people. Below are options for different dental implant candidates. Implant for Those With Jawbone Problems Good candidates for dental implants have good and healthy jawbones. Read More 

6 Inaccurate Assumptions Patients Sometimes Make About Dental Cleanings

Getting a thorough dental cleaning is an important part of going in for a dentist appointment. Unfortunately, patients sometimes make inaccurate assumptions about dental cleanings that could discourage them from scheduling regular dentist appointments.  The following are six inaccurate assumptions patients sometimes make about dental cleanings.  Dental cleanings can be damaging to teeth. Some patients are misinformed about cleanings and think that scraping their teeth to remove plaque or having certain cleaning solutions used on their teeth can damage their enamel. Read More 

Do You Have Deep Pockets?

When someone asks you if you have deep pockets in your dental office, you may think they are referring to the cost of your care. But this is usually not the case. They are probably asking about the tissue pockets around the base of your teeth. These pockets result from periodontal disease, which your dentist will need to treat as quickly as possible. What are these deep pockets, and what are the causes? Read More 

Common Pediatric Dental Treatments

It's crucial for parents to take their kids for regular dental checkups when they are still young. Pediatric dental care lays the foundation for good oral health and prevents future complications caused by conditions like gum disease. Here are some essential pediatric dental treatments. Teeth Cleanings Your child should go for a dental cleaning at least twice a year. This procedure gets rid of tartar and plaque. Many people think that brushing and flossing are enough to remove plaque. Read More 

When All Your Upper Or Lower Teeth Need Urgent Treatment

Although you're undoubtedly aware that your dental health has declined, it might be a surprise to be told that you need full arch rehabilitation. Your arches are simply the oral ridges (bone covered with gingival tissue) that hold your teeth. Full arch rehabilitation in dentistry is when an entire upper or lower dental arch features missing or deteriorated teeth to the point that the arch is, for all intents and purposes, nonfunctional. Read More